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Open, September 

Fredriksborg is open to individuals Thurdays - Sundays. For groups and conferences open according to agreement regardless of days, For booking and availability of rooms and packages, please see page "about Fredriksborg" and "book online"

Lunch or "fika", Friday-Sunday, 12:00-16:00 (no reservation needed)

Dinner, Friday-Saturday, from 18:00 (please call to reserve table)

Breakfast, Friday-Sundag (please call day before to reserve)

Fredriksborgs Fortress. Visit and tours at Saturday and Sunday at 11:00, starting from the hotel entrance. Complimentary. The fortress is closed from October 1 - April 30 lör + sön kl 11. 

Phone and Email, everyday 08:00 - 21:00.


Xmas dinner period; 30 Nov - 20 Dec, Wednesdays - Sundays with seating 13:00 - 20:00. PLease call to reserve. Also available as package with stayover. See "book online" 

Weddings in 2019. Please call for information and offers. Planning and booking will start during September 2018.

A warm welcome!


N.B!  The hotel (including restaurants and also the fortress tours) is rented on dates below, and we can therefore not service other guests then; 

SEPTEMBER - 8 (until 18:00), 15, 20-23

NOVEMBER - 15-18



APRIL - 11-14



The dates above are subject to change;



Fredriksborg Hotel is open daily June-August, and extended weekends the rest of the year. The hotel is always open to groups and conferences regardless of day and season. 

For rooms and dinners by external guests, please call us for prior reservations. Lunch is offered in weekends ca April-September

Please call us for any questions or special requests.

To rent Fredriksborg Fortress (possible May-Sep), the sea deck or orangery, please contact us for details on +46 8 541 380 50

Welcome to Fredriksborg!

Please note that the hotel (incl. restaurant) is rented and not available to external guests on the following dates;

SEPTEMBER - 8, 15, 20-23

NOVEMBER - 15-18



APRIL - 11-14



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Telefon: + 46 (0) 8 541 380 50