General tips on activities below. For groups, weddings, conferences, events etc., see below;

Please ask staff for advice or whatever help you might need.  

At Fredriksborg, you mainly enjoy the tranquility, the environment and the view. However, the whole area offers many opportunities with Värmdö, Vaxholm and the entire Archipelago outside. If you stay several days, we help to fill every day with both idyll and activities according to your wishes, and do not forget that the Archipelago is beautiful to visit all year round.

For example. companies, we have collaborations with event companies and can help and recommend a number of activities - either with us or in the local area. The same applies to transport here, where for example a conference or party e.g. can include a professional sailing, a tailor-made fishing trip or a fast RIB boat transport.

Guided tours - For hotel or dining guests, we guide and show every day 1 May-30 Sep at 17:00 Fredriksborg Fortress and tells the history of the place. (Other times Kanontornet is shown and when 17:00 is after sunset instead of breakfast at 10:00) If you are a group or company, other times can also be booked and we also have packages with lunch + guided tours that can be tailored for groups . Feel free to ask us if you have special requests.

Borrow a bicycle - A number of bicycles are produced and to be borrowed during the period 1 May-30 Sep. Feel free to let us know if you wish to borrow a bicycle at another time.

Walking and running trails - Behind us on Värmdölandet there are plenty of paths, tracks and small roads for walking or cycling. Gamla Myttingelinjen and Myttinge shooting range are now nature areas. The beard area is a classic archipelago idyll and loops connect us with e.g. Lillsveds Folkhögskola with its sports focus. Ask us for a map or see loops on

Picnic or mushroom basket - We have a couple of picnic backpacks with plate, cutlery, thermos and blanket for those who want to take a trip and surroundings. Food, sandwiches, coffee and drinks etc. can of course be ordered at the hotel. In the autumn you can borrow berry pickers or mushroom baskets. It is said to be good mushroom fields in the area.

Garden games - Feel free to use our large lawns and feel free to borrow garden games.

Games and books - At the hotel we have a few different board games and books.

Take a dip - Down by our boat dock there is a small bay, and at Corps de Garde stone stairs with iron ladder. Be careful, stay close to the beach and watch out for currents and waves. The nearest small beach on Värmdölandet and a little better for swimming without boat traffic, is less than a kilometer away in idyllic Vretaviken.

Ship spotting - All large ships pass in Oxdjupet. At all ships are listed, as well as all the really big cruise ships of the summer season. It takes about 1.5 hours between Oxdjupet and Sthlm city. At you can see all ship information and its position in real time. Most regular ships pass at 08-09, some during the day and in the evening from approx. 17:30 and onwards.

Sauna & Hot Tub - Since Fredriksborg is a listed building, we can currently do not offer permanent sauna or hot tub. But we can rent a mobile solutions on request.


On Värmdö

Myttingelinjen - Behind Fredriksborg between Vretaviken and Myttingeviken are the remaining parts of the defense line that was built 1899-1903 to defend Oxdjupet from land. Along the line there are seven forts, including large mountain forts and the "nuclear layer" which are sealed but still worth seeing and suitable as a forest walk with adjacent paths. The guidebook "Vaxholmslinjen" is available to borrow or buy at the reception. We have marked out a nice loop of about 5 km which in addition to military history makes down to beautiful Muttingeviken with small beaches, barbecue area and archipelago buildings.

Lillsved - About 5 km from us is Lillsveds Folkhögskola with a focus on sports and physiology and where i.a. The Crown Prince has been a student. a café by the water and a mooring for Vaxholmsbåtar.

Siggesta Farm - the large farm has many activities for children, horseback riding, alpacas and many other animals, mini golf, flea markets on Sundays and more. Here you will also find e.g. café, farm shop and more.

Norråva Golf Club - Adjacent to the sea is this beautiful course where you get by car in about 10 minutes from Fredriksborg, or by own boat. The club has an 18 hole course, driving range, putting area and café.

Horizon Kayak - Adjacent to the golf course is an independent kayak rental with courses, rentals etc. At a reasonable paddling distance is e.g. cozy island of Grinda. Of course, it is also possible to paddle back and forth to Fredriksborg.

Northern Hemisphere - The event company with its own island Stora Löknäsholmen is about 7 minutes away by car. Here, team building is arranged with everything from cozy nature experiences by the campfire to tougher survival courses. You arrange climbing, canoeing and cycling and have activities on beer or partly mobile. You can get to the island by boat or by means of a 106 meter zip line.


On Rindö and Vaxholm

Ostmakeriet - In Rindö Harbor you will find the exciting Ostmakeriet with dairy, cheese shop, tastings. Some of their cheeses are stored in Oscar Fredriksborg's Fortress until it gets the right taste.

Muttley & Jacks - Opposite the strait in "Oxdjupets Snickerier", former naval targets were built in wood, for the defense to practice sniping against. Today there is a small coffee roastery, with a variety of beans, mixes and roasts of high quality. There are opportunities to visit the roastery, courses are arranged and coffee subscriptions are offered at home in the mailbox.

Vaxholms Bryggeri - KA1's old cinema in Rindö Harbor now houses the microbrewery with its heart in the Archipelago. A number of different lagers, IPA and Ale of the highest class are brewed here by their experienced brewmasters. They can be tasted at Fredriksborg, or ordered at Systembolaget or bought in stores in Arninge and Vaxholm.

Catch & Relax - The fishing company has six different fishing boats where the largest takes seven guests. The fishing guides can pick up at Fredriksborg's pier or any place. They have a variety of fishing trips and can of course also tailor a suitable trip at the desired time. The company also runs the large site sport fishing guide with fishing information for the whole country.

Out Sailing Event - Opposite us at Rindö Harbor, Out has its six large 50-foot sailboats. The focus is on groups and companies and they also conduct leadership training in connection with sailing, but occasionally also arrange sailing for fewer and a few interested people. Out can call at Fredriksborg, or start from the home port which is within walking distance from here via the ferry.

Havochmat - Opposite us in Rindö Harbor there are motorboats for rent with or without skipper, i.a. large flybridge boat for 12 pax + 2 in crew. Hemmahamn Rindö but picks up in Sthlm and drives to Fredriksborg or picks up the party here for an optional tour of the Archipelago.

Rindö Bad - North of Oscar-Fredriksborg Fortress you can cycle or walk a few hundred meters north to the headland. There is a Rindö Bath with beach, jetties and barbecue area.

Oscar Fredriksborg - Our neighboring fortress took over the defense of Oxdjupet when it was completed in 1877. Here, tours are arranged for groups via Vaxholms Fästningsmuseum, and for the public on occasion. See Vaxholm Fortress Museum. Experienced guides tell its story, show journal films, and the large Diesel engines from 1910, which have been given new life via enthusiasts, are started.

Vaxholms Kastell - Where previously Vaxholms Fästning which began to be built in 1548 stood, now stands the modern Vaxholms Kastell, completed in 1863. It is partly built with stone taken from Fredriksborg, and indirectly the reason why Fredriksborgs tower lacks two floors and facade stone. At nice Kastellet there is a large number of activities for children, adults and companies, a lot of history and a very good museum that tells the whole area's events from the time Gustav Vasa moved the defense to the Vaxholm area. You can get to the island by cable car from Vaxholm.

Vaxholm - The beautiful picturesque city is the center of the Archipelago and worth visiting all year round. Despite its cozy size, there are a number of small nice shops, and cafes along Hamngatan. We recommend a start at the nice tourist office in the City Hall whose tower is visible when you arrive. Stroll around the city or maybe rent a bike or electric bike at Vaxholm Cykeluthyrning, or why not rent, among other things. canoe, sea kayak and wilderness equipment at Skärgården's canoe center. We also suggest the newly built modern high-altitude course Skypark.

Fredriksborg Fortress has been a state building monument since 1935 and other buildings at Fredriksborg have been there since 2002. The buildings are owned and managed by the Swedish Property Agency. For those interested in buildings and history, SFV's website with information on buildings and historical sites and excursion destinations throughout the country is recommended.


For groups, weddings, conferences, events etc.

In addition to the above local businesses that serve both private guests and businesses, there are;



Fighter boat90, sailboat, RIB boats, seaplane, helicopter or Lamborghini Hurácan; Open sea

Sailboat; Out Sailing event

RIB boat; MoreActivities, open RIB, 12-24 pax

RIB boat; Out & Away, covered RIB 12 pax

Taxi boat; Resarö Sjötaxi, fixed price Vaxholm round trip, 8 pax

Taxi boat and charter boat; Kronuddens Taxi & Charter boats, ships up to 160 pax

Sea taxi & Freight transport etc; Goper, seven pax + goods by boat with ramp

Fishing boat; Catch & Relax

Powerboat; (model Flybridge et al.) HavochMat

Steamships; Steamship Stockholm's Surroundings

Party and dinner vessels; Ängsholmen shipping company

Seaplane; Grafair Can land in Oxdjupet, but requires a transfer boat

Bus; Westin Bus, buses from 16-57 pax

Taxi; Värmdö Taxi, fixed price to Sthlm and Arlanda by regular and large taxi

Limousine; The hotel's own stretch limousine, 8 pax

Or combine transport with activity - Winter sailing to the Christmas table, fishing for fish for the conference dinner, or passing a seal charcoal


Activity companies;

Fishing trips; Catch & Relax, Vaxholm

Sailing event; Out Sailing event, Rindö

All transports & activities; Open sea

Wildlife, bushwacking mm; Northern Hemisphere with its own island

Activities & high altitude course; AIE, Skypark Vaxholm

Activities & Transport; Aventi

Activities & Transport; MoreActivities

Music / Entertainment;

DJ with equipment; Choco Canel

DJ / Troubadour with equipment; Leo Beck

Equipment small and large events; Supreme Events

Musicians, orchestras, singing, etc .; Contact Us

Photo / Wedding Photo / Video;

Video; TTV Media

Wedding photographer; Sandra Jenssen

Lecturer, Inspiration and Education

Englund & Gustafsson Agentur AB



Bridal bouquets, decoration; Värmdöfloristen


Tasting event

Food & beverage creators; Ostmakeriet, Vaxholms Bryggeri, Archipelago Coffee, VärmdöPralin, Esima Vinprovning (IRL and digital)