We are always open for prebooked groups, conferences or private guests/families offering either our regular menues or on request vegetarian or vegan food.

The whole hotel can presently be booked with full exclusivity at no additional cost. Please contact us for further information or offer.

For private guests we will be opening weekends from 12 February (The Valentine´s Day weekend) for hotel guests as well as external guests for dinner. We will be open daily at the end of May. We start with lunches and "fika" weekends from April.

Restrictions due to Covid-19 means a maximum of 4 guests per table, and during the period 16 Jan - 28 Feb, the restaurant must close at 22:30. For planning we ask any external dinner guests to prebook your table.

Welcome to contact us at any day by phone or Email. Thank you.

Date: 2020-07-02

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