About Fredriksborg

Fredriksborg is a small and charming hotel with extraordinary opportunities. Our restaurant consists of several different parts; you can for example indulge in our à la carte menu, enjoy a lighter meal or have a coffee in our beautiful orangery

The setting surely is astounding, with an amazing view of the sea combined with historical buildings. Our charming and welcoming hotel is a result of a careful renovation facilitated by the National Property Board of Sweden

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We have four different categories of hotel rooms, which are all individually decorated and include bathroom and TV.

Feel welcome to enjoy our restaurant, regardless if you are in the mood for lunch, dinner or coffee. Whatever option you pick, you can be sure to enjoy a meal cooked by only the best chefs — with local products combined with the love for all kinds of food. 

We have only one goal; to make you feel welcome and fully satisfied with your visit at Fredriksborg.

History & facts

Fredriksborg is a fortification construction on Värmdö close to Oxdjupet, the inlet to Stockholm. The fortress, as well as the buildings surrounding it, was built to protect Stockholm against foreign enemies who came closer after the Great Nordic war from year 1700 to 1721.

The construction commenced year 1724, based on blueprints made by general Axel Löwen. This would be the ultimate defence for Stockholm: situated 40 meters above the sea and equipped with both rifle and cannon artillery. The fortress was surrounded by a ditch and could only be reached by a drawbridge, which is still intact today.

The building of the fortress was finalized in 1735 and was named Fredriksborg Fortress after King Fredrik I. It was considered the strongest fortress in Europe.

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