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Fredriksborg Fredriksborg Hotel & Restaurant
Fredriksborgs Fortress
Fredriksborgsvägen 17
139 90 VÄRMDÖ



Phone: +46 8-541 380 50



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Bus 439 from Slussen all the way to Stensätten, it’s the last stop. After that it is about ten minutes walk.

If you wish to go by taxi, please call us and we will arrange one for you from Värmdö taxi – at an affordable cost.

Go by sea? This year our possibility to offer you a mooring is limited. We have a small deck, but it is only a temporary solution and with room for just a few boats. Please give us a call if you are considering arriving in your own boat.

Boat taxi, on the other hand, is fully possible. They will let you off at our seaside terrace.